Interested in having Cosplay Burlesque perform at your event?

Cosplay Burlesque is always looking for new places to perform and new fandoms to tear up. Contact our troupe leader Holly Ween with any questions you have or to request a demo reel.

While Cosplay Burlesque does not display full nudity, the show is not recommended for children. Most performances are 18+ only, but venues can request a conservative version of the show.

What Cosplay Burlesque can do for you.

Cosplay Burlesque is prepared to put on a full show including striptease, comedy, dancing, and music. Our shows are 18+ (pasties & thongs) but can be toned down according to any restrictions the event or locale has. We shoot for a 2 hour show although we can work with available time slots.

We are set apart from other burlesque troupes by our love of Cosplay and all things geeky. We are happy to work with your event's themes - anime, manga, video games, comics, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, fetish, etc. as long as we are given enough time to prepare costumes/acts. Most of our current acts fall under the anime/manga or video game themes.

Since our core group of performers is made up of fans that have been participating in either cosplay or burlesque for years, we are also available to run panels/workshops. Some topics we'd be happy to cover: Cosplay basics, preparing costumes for contests, creating a burlesque/cabaret costume, information on performing burlesque, etc.. Let us know what we can do for you!

What do we want in return?

  • Passes of some sort to the event. We generally have 8-15 people involved, including performers and stage staff.
  • A 'stage' with a sound/lighting system (including microphones), seating for a decent sized crowd, and a nearby, secure changing area. The stage for the average convention's 'Masquerade' or costume fashion show is perfect, but a riser in a large panel room can accommodate us nicely.
  • Event security members to check ID and police the crowd.
  • A hotel room for the performers.
  • A travel stipend, a tip hat, and/or permission to set up a table to sell items such as dvds, shirts, and pasties. Travel and costumes are expensive!
For smaller events or parties, contact us with a description of the event and what you're looking for from us and we will be happy to work within your budget.

Please email cosplayburlesque@gmail.com or contact us through our Facebook page for any additional questions or to book us for your event!


We want to hear from you!

Send love letters, booking inquiries, and comments to us via Holly Ween at cosplayburlesque@gmail.com.


Cosplay Burlesque welcomes all types of performers of all shapes, sizes, and genders and we're looking for acts of all varieties. Contact us at the email above and let us know what you'd like to do in the show. Because of the 'Adult' nature of the show, applicants must be 18+ please. We will ask for proof of id before we allow you to perform. For more information, see our FAQ's on our about page.